5 Color Schemes for a Wonderful Christmas at Home

Now is the perfect time for you to experiment with new colors. Rather than going with the classic red and gold, how about trying something new? Keep in mind that every space or room should have its own color scheme, that fits it best. But when it’s time for Christmas, the one place that is usually restyled is the living room.

These color schemes can help you decide your new wonderful Christmas look, be it for painting the walls or for getting matching home decor items in general.

Copper Shades With a Touch of Gold

Shades of copper are classic and timeless. They provide a metallic experience.

It’s best if this color scheme is kept for the living room, as copper can mirror a soothing environment of wood. The best part is that you can pair these shades with a touch of gold. You can keep copper shades for the walls, and then add golden accessories to the scene to create a festive mood and spirit.

Tones of Blue

While shades of blue may not remind you of Christmas itself, they will soothe you by giving winter vibes. Using blue will work well because green and blue can form an analogous color scheme. So a simple Christmas tree surrounded by blues can create a winter feeling and a pleasant, soothing environment.

All Things White

White is a peaceful color and it is also the color of snow. This is best if you are a fan of winter and the snowy feeling of Christmas. White is the pure meaning of elegance that allows the use of many textures and prints comfort in an environment.

A Monochrome Color Scheme

This can be any color of your choice, with its varying tones and shades. The tone of a color is when white is mixed with it, whereas the shade of a color is when black is mixed into it.

This is the best scheme to go with if you want to create a harmonious effect. If you don’t want to go completely white or black but you still want a single color theme, then this is the scheme for you.

Neutral schemes are trending due to their harmonious effects. 


If you are not a fan of white, then you should try black. Again, everything looking black would create a very mysterious effect, but at the same time, it could also look lifeless. Adding light-colored decor pieces can add some life to your black-themed room. 

some Pinterest inspiration images:

What’s your favorite color scheme? Do let us know in the comments!

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