6 tips to consider if you are planning and decorating a space this year

One of the most exciting things about Interior Design is that it is an area that is constantly changing and evolving. Interior design grows, develops, incorporates new elements, ideas and concepts, and, in its own way, accommodates people’s tastes and dislikes (including yours).

If there is a word to describe what is in store for us this year in terms of new trends in interior design, it is innovative and experimental.

This year is all about getting out of your comfort zone, trying something new with your interior design and learning what works for you. It is about finding what reflects and represents you in the best possible way.

For you to get some inspiration and incorporate these trends in your design and decoration plans, we will share with you 6 tips, which represent the 6 main interior design trends for this year.


When it comes to contemporary interior design it is really difficult to assign it to a single style. Arguably, the best way to describe it is minimal, elegant and clean. Contemporary interior design is all about crisp finishes, a delicate color palette and tasteful accessories like abstract art or potted plants. With the ability of the lines to give movement and personality to the environment. Dare to combine traditional and modern and create a masterpiece using rustic elements combined in a minimal environment. Rustic and authentic accessories tell their own story, while the minimalist style keeps your space fresh and elegant.


One of the most used practices in modern interior design is to create interest with the help of various shapes and textures. Wood panels, patterned wallpapers, rugs, accented walls, granite countertops, wicker furniture and marbles – there are many ways to incorporate texture into a given space without compromising its functionality or flow. Choose some of your favorites and create a coherent color palette so that everything fits together perfectly.


A great way to create intrigue and balance various components of your design is to do it by improving the furniture that occupies most of a space. Currently, scalloped surfaces are especially popular, as the fish scale pattern gives such a unique look to plain cabinets and shelves. Similarly you can also look into ribbed furniture, which capitalizes on the aesthetic appeal of symmetrical and parallel lines. The tubed furniture, creates a surprisingly modern appearance with the use of pieces that shape the space.


Neat lines and corners are a special feature of contemporary interior design and geometric patterns are now even more prominent. The key is not to be predictable with the use of these patterns and shapes, but to rather use them in unique ways. Whether it’s a U-shaped sofa, patterned cabinets or diagonal tiled floors, there are many ways to stand out.


When it comes to color schemes, earthy tones and brown tones are all the fad moving for the coming times. From the rich chocolate brown of the wood panels to the creamy tan of the soft pillows, there are many ways to play around within this palette of warm and neutral colors that have the potential to tie the whole room together (without being super imposing) and blending in naturally with any and all accessories that you choose to decorate with.


Who says you should only choose brightly colored walls or wallpaper to make the environments interesting? There are so many other ways to highlight any given area and that is why you should invest in a prominent element that contrasts with the rest of the space’s decoration. For example, a great idea is to go for brightly colored finishes that break the monotony of a relatively subtle wall color. Another option would be to go for a colored ceiling in contrast to the rest of the space or patterned such as with the help of a unique wallpaper. Wallpaper ceilings are especially suitable for larger spaces.

What did you think about these tips? And which of these 6 trends fascinates you the most at the moment?

If you need personalized support in developing your design and decoration plans for this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fulfill our form HERE and we will talk about your needs to draw up a customized plan.

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