Bathroom Lighting: Recommendations and Inspirations

Bathroom lighting is part of any Interior Design project and is very important to improve the experience of this room.

In addition to adding aesthetic value, bathroom lighting should also provide comfort. This room, intended for daily hygiene and beautification, requires efficient visibility.

Numerous options are available, including evenly distributed ceiling lighting, mirror lighting, and, for a more sophisticated experience, shower area lighting.

With that in mind, do you know which light fixture your bathroom needs and which is the best piece for each area? To answer these questions and more, we have selected some bathroom lighting ideas that follow the principles of Interior Design, as well as some advice that you can put into practice in your next renovation.

Types of Bathroom Lighting

Each space calls for a specific type of lighting, which can be diffuse, direct, or indirect. Although the traditional method is to install lighting in the center of the ceiling, other positioning options exist, and all can be applicable in the case of the bathroom. Let’s explore.

The bathroom should have multiple lighting points serving different purposes. The most common and essential type is diffused ceiling lighting. Various light fixtures can be chosen based on taste and desired intensity.

Direct wall lighting is another option often used to add visual interest, functioning primarily as a substitute for mirror lighting or to enhance the room’s aesthetics.

Cabinet or mirror lighting is another prevalent choice for this room, considered indirect lighting as it reflects off surfaces and distributes throughout the space.

Assessing the room’s needs will help you decide what type of lighting it requires – diffuse, direct, or indirect – and, from there, select the appropriate fixture.

For bathroom ceiling lighting, we recommend built-in spotlights, LEDs around false ceilings, and suspended lights. When distributed evenly, built-in spotlights offer uniform and efficient lighting while being aesthetically discreet and neutral. LED bathroom lighting provides a cozier atmosphere, distributing light to the sides rather than the center, and is incorporated into the false ceiling.

Shower Lights

It is integrated into the false ceiling and acknowledges the need for additional light sources to ensure the space has the required brightness. Bathroom pendant lighting is suitable when the space has high ceilings and works best when placed near the central element of the room – the furniture and mirror – creating a distinctive look.

As for wall lighting, the luminaire is typically small, designed to reinforce the light at a specific point and contribute to a cozier atmosphere. The options available on the market are diverse, so your choice should primarily consider the design and concept of the space.

As for the ​​wall lighting, the luminaire tends to be small, as it is intended to reinforce the light at a certain point, and has the ability to make the environment cozier. The options available on the market are varied and, therefore, your choice should mainly take into account the design and concept of the environment. In these images, you will find some bathroom mirror lighting suggestions.

Within modern bathroom lighting, design projects often include lighting near cabinets, the focal point of the space. In addition to providing extra light, it serves to accentuate this piece and enhance the design’s aesthetic value.

This type of lighting requires moderation, particularly when combined with other light fixtures in the area, to avoid overwhelming the space.

Finally, bathroom mirror lighting is essential but can be replaced by pendant or wall lights as long as they are positioned near the mirror. The crucial factor is to reinforce light in this area, as it requires the most illumination.

In a modern bathroom, the mirror is designed to best match the overall style, with light integrated into its back. In these images, you can see some of the bathroom lighting ideas over the mirror that decorators have been implementing in their projects.

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Recommendations

To design the lighting concept, professionals follow a set of guidelines that you can easily implement on your own in your next renovation.

Firstly, consider the size of the space. The smaller the bathroom, the less lighting it will need; however, it must be strong and efficient. To fulfill this requirement, pay attention to the shades of light – the most suitable for this room is white light.

For a decorative effect, yellow light best serves this purpose and allows for a warm feeling. Additionally, keep in mind that the color of the walls affects light intensity.

It must not be forgotten that the luminaire is an integral part of the decoration. The style of this element must correspond to the defined concept, in order to create harmony in the environment.


Nowadays, the bathroom is a place of well-being, where every detail is important to provide a peaceful environment. In addition to the practicality that the space requires, bathroom lighting plays a key role in providing comfort.

Follow the advice we leave you here and if you are looking for new bathroom decor ideas (among others), check out our work, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter.

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