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An interior design project is a development of residential, commercial, corporate, and hospitality design specifying furniture, materials, colors, decorative objects and accessories among other items required for the space. The main goal is to find the best solution to meet your needs by improving your quality of life and your comfort within the space in which you live or work. The service is formalized through a contract between the parties.

This type of consulting aims to give you tips and suggestions so that you can adapt to the environments you want to decorate better adapt to your needs. These tips and suggestions consist of telling you how to change the layout of existing furniture to improve the environment, saying what can be improved in terms of colors, fabrics, furniture, and coverings, and if necessary, an indication of stores where products that are aligned with the decor can be purchased.

In addition to the selection of items, we also specify where each element should be in the environment so that space can match your needs.

This is different than a projection in the sense that the service is carried out through a conversation with you and delivered through a document with all the tips and suggested solutions.

There is no contract, only a service proposal that is charged per technical hour.

After the first contact, we arrange a visit to the place so that we can analyze it in loco and gather all necessary information and your requirements for the space. After that we submit a proposal with a deadline for the delivery of the consulting material. We then start the work and deliver the results according to the proposal.

If the consulting is online, the same services offered can be carried out completely online regardless of the client location. We contact you via e-mail and/or whatsapp and the meetings are held through a digital platform. In this case, you are responsible for sending the measures and doing the final follow up of the work, with our consulting if required.

In addition to explaining what can be changed in the environment to improve its visual aspect, such as changing an existing furniture, we can also, suggest placing mirrors, changing the colors of the walls, new fabrics for armchairs and sofas, products that can be purchased to decorate and improve your space match your needs, etc.

We will go with you to the stores that we suggest or that you prefer, and we will show, recommend and evaluate the best products to be placed in the project that is being elaborated, according to your requirements and which ones you like most. After that, all the chosen products are specified in the project and when it is ready and approved by you, we will go with you for the final purchase of the products, if you request it.
Most of the time the clients prefer our company to go to the shop even though everything is specified in the project, as they feels more secure.

E-design, our online interior design service, works similar to our on-presence service as explained here. The main difference is that we are not at the project site and the entire conversation with the client is done online. Like consulting, you must send us the floor plan with measurements, photos from various angles of the environments for which you want the service, as well as photos or images of products that you already have in mind to use in the project, in addition to the response of an initial questionnaire.
A meeting will be scheduled through a digital platform to obtain all the important information to start the project. After we have all the information and collected your needs, we start the definition of the concept and the 3D project and as soon as it is ready, we send it to you for analysis and appreciation so that you can approve or request changes (the number if iterations is agreed prior to the start) in the project until it looks exactly the way you want.
After approval, the executive project begins which includes all the technical details necessary for the project completion. After the project is completed and delivered to you, its execution is entirely your responsibility, as well as the hiring of suppliers, confirmation of measures, purchase of products among others. We will, however, be available to clarify doubts in the execution phase.

If your idea is to remodel and change the look of your space, changing the aesthetics, the functionality of the environments, colors and linings, placing new objects and furniture, then Yes.
It is extremely important to hire a professional who will assist you in choosing everything you need and help you remodel your space to look the way you want.

Please bring these to our attention immediately, we will discuss your concerns and if necessary, find a more desirable solution. The decision about what is purchased and installed in your home is ultimately yours.
Yes, we can follow up the project execution, but with the sole purpose of verifying whether the production and installation of the proposed layout is in accordance with the specified interior design. We don’t interfere in the structural execution because we are not qualified for it.
Depends on the scope of the project and what is purchased. Occasionally there are delays caused by weather, vendor vacations, factory errors, and other unpredictable influences, that are out of our control. Everyone involved: designer, client, vendors and contractors are expected to not cause unreasonable delays in the project.
Having a clear budget is very important for the project running smoothly and for your expectations to be met. We will work inside your budget parameters, but ultimately it is up to the client to keep themselves on budget.
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