The Key Interior Design Principles You Should Know

From an outside perspective, Interior Design may feel like such a simple task. Still, once you stand up to design any interior or space, you realize just how challenging this job can be for an inexperienced eye and mind.

In this article, we’re going to share a few of the Key Interior Design Principles that we recommend when designing a space. They are:

Scale in Interior Design

Scale is the relationship between the size of any given object with the larger space where it is located. Scaling focuses more on the appearance of various objects and furniture in a given setting.

For instance, it is not recommended to place a large cupboard or drawer set in an area already running short on free space – it would make it look and feel congested and poorly designed.

Proportion as a key principle

As an Interior Design Principle, proportion in interior design refers to the ratio of the sizes of two objects or places. Unlike scale, proportion focuses more on how the object appears relative to the space and to each other.

It can be challenging to get the proportions of a room right on the first try; many times, the ability to design a setting in the correct proportion comes intrinsically and instinctively.

Rhythm in Interior Design

Here is when things get fun. Rhythm is about experimenting and playing with various colours and patterns to create new combinations that pique visual interest. You can use techniques such as repetition and contrast to produce a unique factor that adds novelty to your setting.

Balance in Interior Design

Balance refers to symmetry and evenness. When designing any space, no matter which interior design style you prefer, you want to ensure that the object distribution across the room is steady.

Symmetry is pleasing to the human eye – it is in our nature – although you do not necessarily need to fill your space with rigid shapes and forms to achieve that result. Balance is about distributing weight and focus across a room to make it even and consistent.

Colour, Patterns & Textures

Colours, patterns, and textures are a great way to personalize any space and make it reflect your individuality or the essence of your company or brand.

In any Interior Design Style, these principles create a lot of interesting and exclusive combinations.

New Interior Design Trends pop up each year, introducing new shades and ways of incorporating more of your personality into your home. You can learn more about the current trends in our article: “The Ten Greatest Interior Design Trends for 2023“.

Interior Design Principles

The principle of emphasis in interior design

While consistency in interior design is essential, breaking through the monotony and creating a subject of intrigue and focus is just as crucial. Emphasis on a piece of furniture or an architectural structure can be given by arranging the rest of the furnishing with respect to it.

This point of emphasis ties the whole room together from the center and gives the viewer’s eyes something clear and prominent to rest on.

Contrast in Design

Contrast is the Interior Design principle that takes two opposing elements or objects or different, shades to create highlight through visual impact.

You can create contrast using colors (like black and white, or bold colors that we wouldn’t normally think of using), shapes, lines and even textures. These contrasts will make certain parts of the room stand out and come to life.

Details in Interior Design

Once you finish the broader stuff, it is time to take care of the minute details that make a huge difference, even if you usually pay little attention to them.

From the knobs on the cupboards to the pattern on the drapes, it shows when you have thought these details out and makes the setup look even more refined and proper.

Harmony Principle

Harmony and balance, as elements of interior design, are the goals you have worked towards throughout the process. At the end of the day, you want all of the various elements of the space to work well with each other to give an appearance that looks and feels complete.

Thus, harmony is the perfect blend of the right colors, rhythms, scale, and proportions.

Here at Sabiina Design Atelier, we take these principles into consideration in every project we are part of.

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See you there!

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