Interior design

interior design

At Atelier Sabiina Design we like to embrace the aesthetic and subjective style of each client, working closely with them to create a result that is unique. We believe in the individuality of each client and therefore we seek to provide a project thought out in detail.


Interior Design Service

We dedicate all our know-how and skills to understand the tastes, budgets and individual specifications of each client in order to develop and execute a concept in accordance with their expectations.

Our well-structured method allows us to bring the client’s vision to life before any work is done to ensure their objectives are achieved down to the last detail. This allows our team to work efficiently, with intent, meeting the highest standards and ensuring the experience is streamlined and transparent.

We take pride in delivering a bespoke interior design project that leverages the synergy between creativity and functionality, providing a rewarding experience for our clients.

From creation to production, we guide clients throughout our continuous process for a final result that is totally exclusive to their space.

“The best interiors tell a story about your lifestyle in which each space is a chapter of that story.”

Advantages of the Interior Design Service

  • Competence in adapting the client's lifestyle and needs to the project.

  • The client will have a dedicated follow-up by our team, from the beginning to the delivery of the project.

  • Adaptation of the project to any defined budget.

  • Design of functional and aesthetically defined spaces, with professionalism.

  • Selection of personalized materials and finishes based on the needs and desires of the client.

  • Customization of furniture according to client preference.

Our Interior Design Process

Our process has been particularly developed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. From start to finish, you can count on us to manage every detail to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Gathering Out

Tell Us About You

The first and most important step in the design process is the initial consultation, planned so we can meet the customer and their needs, plans and dreams.
Our goal is to develop unique designs for each and every client, according to their essence and lifestyle. This is precisely why at this stage we do a detailed interview and discuss ideas, tastes, budget and deadlines.

This initial consultation has a fee, which will be later integrated into the proposal.
After the consultation, if you’d like to engage Sabiina Design for further design services, you’ll receive a customized initial proposal.

Gathering Out

Preliminary Design

Concept, Colors and Layout

After some research, we present the layout proposals and our concept using 3D models – allowing a walk-through of the space. At this stage, the model is still simplified and supported by the presentation of a visual moodboard.
Preliminary Design


Defining the design

Once the final version of the functional layout is approved, we proceed to the creation of final drawing visualizations, providing you with a customized approach to finishes and fixtures, joinery and lighting design.

Our aim at this point is to show you how the project will look like after the work is completed.


Final Quotation

Detailed cost estimate

After the design has been approved, a detailed cost estimate is generated. In addition to the costs, it is also at this stage that we will get accurate information on all furnishings and finishing. It is important that the whole concept is created from the beginning within a clearly stated budget. The cost estimate is a more precise version of this budget.
Final Quotation

Final Design

Technical project

Once the deposits for materials have been defined, a detailed technical project, graphic representations and information necessary for the execution of the contracted services are created, as well as the purchase of materials and products related to the project.
Final Design

Monitoring Project Execution

Follow up

In this phase we go to shop with the client to purchase the products indicated in the project and monitor the work to verify the production and installation of furniture, plaster, electrical installation among other items of the project that are being executed and/or installed aiming at the quality of services and that these meet what was specified in the project.

Monitoring Project Execution



The final stage is where the magic happens! We installed the furniture, decoration accessories, lighting and curtain. Everything that makes your space a unique place. When the project is finished, and if you agree, we will send our professional photographer to capture the best emotions of this space. Finally, it’s time to relax and make the most of this new space.

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