The 10 Greatest Interior Design Trends for 2023

This year’s Interior Design Trends bring significant milestones for Interior Design. Sustainability and personal well-being are themes that have already been influencing the designers and calling for innovation and the changing of mindsets without fading the sense of aesthetics we cannot live without.

These trends, although they may seem seasonal, actually reveal the ability to adapt to the changing needs of society. Below we describe those trends that we at Sabiina Design Atelier consider most relevant for creating impactful environments.

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability has gained worldwide expression in all industries, including Interior design.

This is one of the year’s leading trends in Interior Design and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Using natural and even recycled materials, choosing second-hand vintage pieces, and giving preference to the local origin, are some ways to make the activity more ecological while maintaining aesthetics.

Vintage & Artisan Pieces

The styles of the last century greatly influence the decorative elements of interior projects, which in 2023 begin to diverge from the modernist concept. This interior design trend reinforces sustainability through pieces created from sustainable or restored materials or simply by reusing pre-owned artifacts and items in our homes.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is a component of an interior design project, relevant for creating ambiance and transmitting sensations to each space. As their importance is perceived, lighting and aesthetics undergo harmonization, thus creating more sculptural elements with the incorporation of different materials. This year, lighting will become more expressive.

Warm Wood & Earthy Tones

This trend aims to incorporate more natural elements into each space. Terracotta ceramics, pastel beige walls, stone floors, and wood in warmer tones are some examples that give a more rustic and country touch.

Decorative Borders

Colored transitions in decor projects appear to give spaces a new dimension. They constitute an elegant way of playing with perspectives and combining colors. This form of art dates back to the Art Déco and Art Nouveau styles of the 1930s.

Brutalist Design

Brutalism appears in 2023 with a softer approach. This Interior Design trend incorporates natural elements such as wood, stone (usually concrete), and plants, resulting in a functional and relaxing aesthetic. It is characterized by using unfinished industrial materials to convey a sense of clarity and warmth.

Architectural Nooks

With Renaissance influence, alcoves, or “nooks,” are now making a resurgence in interior design to add visual interest and emphasize the decor. In addition, they are great ways to save space and give more functionality to a given room.


The theme of well-being, or Wellness, has gained prominence in recent years. For this reason, interior designers now tend to incorporate ways to encourage rest, self-care, and a healthy lifestyle. Innovation is the keyword: allowing more natural light to enter spaces, adapting the ergonomics of furniture and accessories, and bringing nature inside. Likewise, neutral colors and smooth textures provide a sense of calm and comfort.

Modernist Curves

Creating dimension is what a curved design is all about. It appears as a way to escape the straight lines we are used to while maintaining elegance and modernity. Modernist curves can be applied to furniture, staircases, doors, and walls, providing movement to interior design.

Statement Glass

In recent years, international interior design fairs have brought the trend of using glass for various decorative purposes. Working with glass – like ceramics – in a sophisticated way has brought enthusiasm to decorators who can introduce this material as a decorative accessory or even as a space divider

Interior Design Trends matter and…

It is essential to be aware that these trends for 2023 are about different styles, which may or may not match each one’s identity. For this reason, the support of an interior designer is relevant – and often essential – in creating a space.

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