The Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards 2023

It is with great satisfaction that we see our work recognized with first place in the prestigious Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

The Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards aim to distinguish the best projects in these two areas, evaluating innovation, creativity, comfort, sustainability, and modernity.

This award is born out of the ambition to recognize the studios, professionals, and companies that have contributed the most to these sectors, at a time when they are increasingly important in terms of human happiness and the preservation of nature.

This event is organized by the Lisbon Awards Group, a leading Portuguese startup in the organization of awards and corporate events, responsible for managing several important events on a Portuguese and international scale. The 2022/2023 edition of the Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards awarded projects dated 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Our Atelier competed in the categories of Small Hotels and Full Projects in the field of Interior Design, alongside highly qualified professionals from various Portuguese-speaking countries.

Interior Design Awards

In this edition of the Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards (2022/2023), we had the privilege of being awarded the Gold prize in the category of Small Hotel Interior Design for the project Casa da Djedja.

Casa da Djedja – a luxurious Guesthouse – located in Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente, in Cape Verde. It is a great pride for us that a project in Africa, which was crafted with attention to the smallest details and which we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of, is recognized and awarded.

Atelier Sabiina Design, Casa da Djedja,  Lusophone Architecture and Interior Design Awards

The distinctive design of Casa da Djedja is linked to the decorative details of Arab influence. Its business-oriented concept is based on minimalist principles (which are in the Atelier’s DNA), elaborated according to an executive, sophisticated and contemporary conception.

It features a harmonious blend of predominantly white and wooden elements, seamlessly oscillating between the two. The common areas boast robust wooden furniture and chairs in warm tones, contrasting with the white environment. Minimalist decorative elements, such as carefully selected paintings, keep the design simple and elegant. Thus, the serene atmosphere of Casa da Djedja is accentuated by a neutral color palette, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

The Minimalist Design is subtly enhanced by warm colors, and the low lighting evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. Bedrooms and bathrooms follow the theme, featuring wooden furniture, neutral textiles, and small details such as table lamps and upright mirrors, adding refinement and sophistication.

The Other Design Awards

In addition to the Gold award in the subcategory of hotel projects, the Atelier also received two Silver prizes in the subcategory of Full Project of Interior Design – private projects for families seeking to bring their homes to life with elegant and exclusive designs.

The project A/S was awarded a Silver medal in the Full Project category. It’s a bold and elegant apartment in Sintra that merges minimalist elegance with avant-garde style, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable lifestyle.

In addition, the project E/S was also awarded the Silver medal for Full Project category. The project is an exquisite family home designed to offer a unique experience of luxury and comfort, where every detail has been carefully crafted, guaranteeing a sophisticated and high-quality space.

In our Interior Design Atelier, we pride ourselves on adapting the projects to customer preferences, using high-quality materials, by providing premium services. Each project is designed based on the clients’ dreams, stories, and unique characteristics, guaranteeing them a personalized experience.


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