Luxury Home Design in Portugal

The Sabiina Tour section unveils yet another project entirely developed by the Atelier – a stunning family villa, with a Luxury Home Design in Portugal, near Lisbon. This residence reflects the highest standards of quality and luxury. From the carefully thought-out spaces to the high-quality materials and finishes, this residence is proof of refined elegance and well-being.

Our Atelier had the honor of being awarded at this year’s edition 2022-2023 of the prestigious Lusophone Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, where we stood out with the Casa da Djedja Guesthouse project, winning the coveted Gold Award in the “Small Hotels” category. We also received two Silver Awards in the “Full Project” category, one of which we will be presenting in this article (Project E/S).

The Interior Design of this Modern Luxury House

This exquisite family home was designed to offer an unparalleled experience of comfort and luxury design. Surrounding nature, the project adopts sustainable materials such as wood, stone, marble, and glass down to the smallest details.

Home Entrance Design 

The entrance hall of this residence was designed to meet the requirements of a busy day and stands out for its exuberance where two materials are combined on the same wall. A wooden panel on the stone wall highlights the hanger with a gray storage bench next to the opaque mirror, which helps when arriving or leaving the house. The sides of the mirror are illuminated for greater comfort in this area.

The glass entrance door wall conveys lightness to the environment and creates a feeling of curiosity and eagerness to enter. A tall plant in a gray pot completes the decorative details and brings life to a dead corner.

The continuity of the stone wall along the entrance leads the unconscious to a second zone, this time, of being, “opening the doors” to the living space.

Luxury Home Entrance Design 

Modern Dining Room Decor

Every detail of this residence has been carefully thought-out to ensure a sophisticated and high-quality space for the family to enjoy. The dining room is full of sophisticated details, right from the start, noticeable in the separation of two open-space areas – dining room and kitchen -, which takes place using translucent glass in golden tones.

This refined tone can also be seen in the fittings of the white lamp suspended over the dining table and in the legs of the white chairs that contrast with the gray table. The comfort of meals is guaranteed through the elegant cushioned chairs. To serve as a support for the dining room, a horizontal piece of furniture in a pastel tone was placed and a tall mirror that complements it and provides the feeling of a wider space. On both surfaces rest pieces of glass and ceramics with ornaments from nature. A tapestry in a light gray tone makes the space cozy, delimiting, at the same time, this area.

The white, sophisticated, and modern kitchen was equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and harmonious finishes, which, in conjunction with the dining room, provide the perfect setting for creating unforgettable family memories.

Luxury Living Room Design 

Upon entering the large living room, the living room sofa design comes to the fore. A modern luxury sofa set with two fronts and made to measure takes center stage and invites you to immerse yourself in moments of relaxation and rest. The neutral tone of this accent piece makes possible harmony with the predominantly white and the contrast with the dark wood of the floor.

On one side of the sofa, a white marble table and gray feet, together with an armchair, make the space comfortable and spacious. On the other, a wooden coffee table balances the pastel-toned setting. On this front, a second leisure area was created, which stands out for its slightly darker pastel tones. Two high armchairs and a floor lamp make this area perfect for reading.

The living room furniture blends a white slatted panel over which a cream piece of furniture with a built-in television and storage space has been superimposed. These compartments are highlighted through the spotlights that have been incorporated into them. The one that would be the TV unit, gained a new concept here, housing a bio-fireplace. Abundant natural light floods the open space, seamlessly connecting the living room with the elegant dining area.

Modern Bedroom & Bathroom Design 

The master suite is a sanctuary of tranquility with details in wooden slats and an en-suite bathroom that exudes exclusivity, thanks to the predominance of black. The bespoke closet space offers an exceptional area of ​​organization and storage, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The golden details and the central space with mirror and seat add a touch of sophistication. In the room, white and light wood tones predominate, whereas warm tones such as gray and brown are used in textiles contrast.

The bed rests on a tapestry that makes the environment cozy, along with the LED lights that surround it. The bedroom’s furniture is complemented by the piece of furniture above which the television was placed and which gains visual interest thanks to the wooden slats on one side of the wall. To complete the set, a dressing table with a large mirror is great for organizing beauty items and providing a more sophisticated atmosphere. The decorative elements and lighting are mostly white with golden details to maintain balance and harmony in the palette.

The minimalist and modern bathroom design is synonymous with exclusivity thanks to the predominance of black and the detail of the light wooden slats that separate the two areas. The custom-made furniture matches the color of the wood used in the slats, giving harmony to the space. The sliding glass door stands out, perfect for increasing the functional area of ​​the room and transmitting differentiation to the entrance.

Kids Room Decor

The kid’s room, with custom-made furniture in delicate pink and white tones, is a magical space, designed for the children of the family to spend their early years, providing a welcoming environment that encourages imagination and creativity. The adornments were selected to match the needs of children and the sophistication of adults, the latter through the small golden details. In this environment, a kid’s room wallpaper, with discreet geometric elements, maintains the characteristic sobriety of the design of the entire project, adapting simultaneously to the concept of a children’s room.

Both the carpet and the band in a warm tone, present on the curtains, give the environment warmth and a sense of protection, promoting a feeling of tranquility. The rug in the center of the room acts as an entertainment area where the child can comfortably rest. Spherical geometry is present in every detail, including kid’s bedroom furniture, because of the safety it represents for children and the stimulus it constitutes.

Luxury Outdoor Design 

This magnificent family home has an outdoor area with a swimming pool, next to which a luxury design was planned for the living space where you can relax, dine and sunbathe. To create some differentiation between dining and leisure areas, it was decided to select garden furniture in contrasting shades, following the same color palette as the interior. The spacious dining table was given a dark gray tone, while the armchairs that allow you to relax were given light wood. In these, the delicate white cushions make the space comfortable and inviting.

Next to the pool entrance, lounger-style sofas are the allies of a sunny day, to which a small glass table serves as support, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors. The outdoor design is completed with a small area conducive to quietness through a wicker rocking chair and a support table, as well as a vase with a tall plant that transmits elegance and correlates the entire rest zone with the opposite area lawn.


The Atelier Sabiina Design Projects…

Are subject to an outline that defines the design concept, seeking to adapt to the customer’s preferences, combined with the choice of high-quality materials. To put into practice the designs of those who seek us out, we provide premium services that pursue to respond to the different needs of our customers. We work with dreams, stories and the unique characteristics of each one, which form the basis of our projects. Find out how we can help you, here.

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