A Minimalist Apartment Design in Sintra

The Sabiina Tour section unveils yet another project entirely developed by Atelier – a minimalist apartment design with bold details in Sintra, resulting in a luxurious interior design. This residence blends minimalist elegance with avant-garde style, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable lifestyle.

Our Atelier had the honor of being awarded at this year’s edition 2022-2023 of the prestigious Lusophone Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, where we stood out with the Casa da Djedja Guesthouse project, winning the coveted Gold Award in the “Small Hotels” category. We also received two Silver Awards in the “Full Project” category, one of which we will be presenting in this article (Project A/S).

A Minimalist Design in Sintra

The natural landscape of Sintra gives this region a unique beauty where the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea merge, enchanting and inspiring residents and visitors. Its romantic architecture makes this a place full of magic and mystery where nature and man come together in a captivating symbiosis.

Close to the city of Lisbon, but also close to nature, Sintra is the scene of a harmonious lifestyle whose natural tones contrast perfectly with the monochromatic color scheme chosen for this project.

A Bold Minimalist Kitchen Style

The pièce de résistance of this minimalist apartment is the bold kitchen designed to make an impact. The monochromatic colors, including a magnificent kitchen island and striking black marble backgrounds, set the scene for an extraordinary culinary experience in an open-space concept.

The bold kitchen design includes luxurious finishes and custom kitchen cabinets that elevate this space to a true work of art. It has white lighting spots, even on the worktop, to improve the cooking experience, while allowing to highlight the aesthetic effect of the black marble.

The front of the island also has a strip of light, highlighting not only the high chairs in black, available to enjoy the space, but also its vertical layout as a differentiating element. Above the island, a suspended spotlight complements and highlights this area and the exquisite glass pieces with golden details, which can be used to place plants, giving the area a lively atmosphere.

A Minimalist Living Room

Upon entering the spacious and sunny living room, you are immediately captivated by the round, chic, and sophisticated sofas that attract attention and invite you to relax. The sober and elegant lines throughout the space exude a sense of serenity, creating an oasis of calm around nature.

The monochromatic colors in neutral tones of the sofas and the living room rug that fills the entire area, contrast with the imposing black open-space kitchen. To preserve coherence and visual balance, black was maintained in small details, such as the coffee tables, picture frames, and some cushions.

The few decorative elements ensure the characteristic minimalism of the project, where glass pieces – a sophisticated and sustainable material – and some books were chosen. As for the living room furniture, the television and its supporting furniture were affixed to the main wall in equally sober lines. A vertical panel slatted in the matching tone follows the same differentiating aesthetics used in the kitchen island, here, over which the horizontal TV cabinet is superimposed, defining the silhouette of this area and giving visual emphasis.

The lighting has several spotlights on the ceiling, which allow for uniform luminosity, as well as light strips along the curtains, making the environment cozy.

The Minimalist Bedroom Design

The master suite of this minimalist apartment maintains the monochromatic Interior Design and perfectly conveys the avant-garde style characteristic of the entire project. From the outset, the perfect combination of light wood, the predominantly white color, and neutral tones ensure the necessary contrast for a luxurious experience. The wall opposite the bed is highlighted by the fusion of plain white with a wooden panel.

This wall was divided in such a way as to integrate with its half an integral panel in a wood tone that matches the floor, the wardrobe, and the TV support unit that is fixed to this same wall. In line with this panel, on the opposite side, the same assumption was followed next to the bedside table, under which a black suspended lamp rest.

This area also has a bed bench in a cream tone under which, together with the bed, rests a tapestry that adds texture and warmth. Textiles were carefully selected to serve quality and adopt colors included in the palette of neutral tones, but which add elegance to the environment.

A Modern Bathroom Design

The master bathroom serving the suite of this minimalist apartment is a sanctuary of tranquility, decorated with delicate pastel tones and minimalist, modern touches. The refined combination of high-quality materials and custom furniture creates an atmosphere of pure sophistication, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate in style. The space is lined with ceramic tiles capable of providing the necessary thermal comfort in this room.

The luxury design is complemented by high-quality marble and glass pieces that combine perfectly with black and gold accessories.

In a minimalist bathroom design, every point should be thought out to the smallest detail: in this case, the shower cubicle’s gold-colored appliance is luxurious; the shower alcove allows for minimalist organization; and, the light strips placed in strategic places provide a feeling of comfort and well-being and allow the light to be dimmed for relaxing moments. Spotlights built into the ceiling evenly distribute the light. Finally, a discreet green plant on a black stand completes the decoration with a touch of refinement.

The Atelier Sabiina Design’s Projects…

Are subject to an outline that defines the design concept, seeking to adapt to the customer’s preferences, combined with the choice of high-quality materials. To put into practice the designs of those who seek us out, we provide premium services that pursue to respond to the different needs of our customers. At our atelier, we work with dreams, stories, and the unique characteristics of each one, which form the basis of our projects. Find out how we can help you, here.

On the other hand, if you are looking for inspiration and want to gather some bathroom, living room décor ideas, or even kitchen design, check out our social media and use them to absorb suggestions of refinement, elegance, and minimalism.

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