Sabiina Tour: A Luxurious Guesthouse in Cape Verde

Introducing the Sabiina Tour topic, where we will present some of the Atelier’s projects, we present Casa da Djedja, a Guesthouse in Mindelo – Cape Verde, whose interior design was entrusted to us and which resulted in a boutique hotel design concept where the elegance of contemporary style reigns.

But first, get to know the Island… 

The Casa da Djedja project is located in Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde, considered the birthplace of writers, authors, composers, and performers of Cape Verdean music, now known and appreciated internationally.

São Vicente Island does not have a large population. Still, it has many natural attractions that allow you to alternate days between silent mountains and beaches with crystal-clear water. It finds its complement on the Santo Antão Island, where the welcoming simplicity of the local population, the invigorating sound of silence, and the typical delicacies of goat cheese and aged “rogue” (a local beverage) make this a charming destination.

The city chosen to locate the Casa da Djedja project lifts the soul of those who seek it to free themselves from worries, replenish their energies, enjoy an enchanting environment, and appreciate the pleasure of the present moment.

The Boutique Hotel Design Concept…

It is based on a business-oriented conception, whose differentiating design was attached to the decorative details of Arab influence in line with the principles of minimalism, thus maintaining the simplicity that characterizes the project.

The Interior Design was elaborated according to the definition of a key concept: a sophisticated, minimalist, executive, and contemporary space with an Arab influence. From here, the motto for a Luxury Guesthouse decoration is set, living on the proposal to provide moments of rest, combining the quality of its premium service to all who need tranquility, whether for leisure or business.

The visual solidity of the building through the fluid oscillation between the predominantly white and the wood present in the windows, doors, and structural supports, worked as a conducting element of the boutique hotel’s decoration style.

The contemporary style of this guesthouse and the greater number of wooden elements ensured the executive and sophisticated atmosphere that was intended. In the common areas of the guesthouse, robust wooden furniture and chairs in equally warm tones were combined, contrasting with the white surrounding the entire environment. The paintings placed or fixed on the walls are one of the few decorative elements considered, ensuring the defined minimalism.

With a palette of neutral tones, an environment where tranquility prevails and promotes the reduction of stress, providing an experience of high comfort.

The minimalist design and the slight hint of warm colors give lightness to the environment, which, combined with the low lighting, conveys the desired feeling of warmth. A dazzling alliance between refinement and elegance.

In the bedrooms and respective bathrooms, the predominance of wooden furniture was maintained. Neutral textiles are ideal for a premium guesthouse room concept, so we opted for cushions and blankets in slightly warmer tones to create contrast, warmth, and texture. Small details such as table lamps and vertical mirrors add refinement and sophistication.

The contemporary design in a space as ample as this one contributes to the idealized sobriety. The decorative elements with small details of gold guarantee sophistication and reflect the Arab influence of the design. The support tables, being accessories, were decided to maintain the material’s robustness without using the wood that already predominates so as not to weigh down the environment. In this way, the atmosphere takes on a welcoming elegance that is ideal for welcoming visitors.

Outdoor furniture is also included in the project. In this case, we opted for wicker chairs – a material that transmits refinement and delicacy -with cushions on the seat for greater comfort. For contrast, simple design tables were applied. The warm and black tones combine perfectly with the surrounding plants and, once again, the white infrastructure.

Atelier Sabiina Design’s Projects…

Are created based on a project that defines the design concept, seeking to adapt to the customer’s preferences, combined with the choice of high-quality materials. To put into practice the designs of those who seek us out, we provide premium services that respond to our customers’ different needs. We work with dreams, stories, and unique characteristics of our clients to form the basis of our projects.

Book your stay at Guesthouse Casa da Djedja here and delight yourself with all that this wonderful island has to offer. We invite you to see more photos of the project on our website page.

Find out how we can help you here, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts to keep up with the latest trends and news.

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