Simple Tricks To Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

A lot of people struggle to come up with ideas for a small space. The trick is to use solutions that give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. There are some elementary decor techniques you can use to create this perception and we have compiled a list of some of the most effective ones here for you:

Neutral Palette

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you make the right decision with the wall paint. Darker and more colorful shades give a closed-off impression and are better used for framing and limiting purposes in larger settings. For a small room, lighter colors are the way to go as they reflect light and give a more spacious feel. White is the best color in this regard but you can also opt for light pastels and neutrals to add more flavor.

Maximize Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you need to maximize the light in the place and ensure that it reaches the corners of the room instead of simply accumulating in the center for example. That is why you are encouraged to go for spaced-out lamps or multiple small light fixtures instead of a single large one.

Natural Light

Even better than artificial light fixtures in making a small space appear larger is natural light. If you have windows on your walls, keep them uncovered and open, allowing the light to filter in and brighten up the space.

Mirrors And Reflective Decor

A great way to create the illusion of a larger place is to cleverly place multiple mirrors or mirrored surfaces around the room. This is especially effective if you have a lot of natural light filtering into the room as light tends to bounce off from the reflective surfaces, enhancing its brightening effect. The best location to place mirrors is near a window or a door so that it makes the place appear continuous and expansive paired with its reflection.

Multipurpose Storage

Decluttering and organization should be your best friend when decorating a small room. Multipurpose furniture and hidden storage solutions work great for this purpose so that you can tuck it all away from the line of sight and avoid the feeling of cramming.

Statement Furniture Pieces

When it comes to furnishing and decorating a small space, you will want to keep it simple and functional. Limit the number of items in the room and go for one statement piece of furniture instead, ideally placed near the center so that it draws attention.

Suspended Furniture

Still regarding to the furniture, instead of opting for heavy, blockier pieces, prefer furniture with exposed legs as it gives the illusion of suspension. The open area underneath the furniture gives the impression of space and keeps the flow of the room continuous instead of breaking it off into separated blocks.

Ready to put some of these suggestions into practice? Let us know your opinion or question in the comments. ????????

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