Summer Backyard Design: Our Recommendations

Transform your backyard space into an oasis, with the ideas we have gathered here.

The backyard is an extension of your home and deserves the same care when defining the design, especially with the arrival of sunny days that call for more time outdoors.

Before planning the outdoor area, know what you want. You certainly want to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious backyard, but do you want to create a space for entertaining or relaxing in your own company? Maybe you want to evoke a luxury spa for hot days or a little bit of all of these if the area is large. The important thing is to clearly define the purpose of the entire space. Consider some of the suggestions we have gathered based on the principles of Interior Design and landscape architecture.

Ideas for Your Backyard Design

It is essential to make a plan of what you want, especially if it is a large outdoor area. In addition to defining the purpose of each zone, it is also important to understand how they will fit into the whole, enabling the construction of a harmonious and comfortable space.

Planning plays an important role in the success of the project, so it should start by preparing the space, checking the state of the architecture and water drainage. Then the landscaping is carried out, incorporating areas of grass, trees, vertical gardens, among other possibilities, and, finally, the design, which includes outdoor furniture and decorative accessories.

Natural Pool

Natural Pool Design

Natural pools are a perfect way to incorporate landscaping into your outdoor space. These make use of plants and a biological filtering system to purify the water and keep the pool clean. This reduces the amount of chemicals, requiring less maintenance work.

Outdoor Fireplace Styles

Nothing sounds more like summer than a fire burning the night away. In addition to functionality, they have the ability to attribute differentiation and luxury to the outside area of the house, which must also be designed to make an impact. It can be considered as the focal point around which the design of the space will be built.

Backyard Fireplace


Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens have the ability to bring us closer to nature, giving us the feeling of being part of it. In addition to giving the space a naturalistic design, it also allows for greater comfort by providing shade and humidity on hotter days. In these images, you can see some easy-to-replicate vertical garden ideas.


Pergolas covered with vines, for example, are perfect for incorporating into an outdoor dining area, given the need for some shade. If they are well taken care of, they are capable of providing comfort, beauty, and differentiation.


Backyard Plants


Plants should be an integral part of the design of any space. Whether existing vegetation, vertical gardens, small flower beds, decorative vases, or vines, this element cannot be missing. Having the ability to transport us to the bosom of nature, balancing our energies and giving a touch of refinement, summer garden plants are essential.

Dining Area

When space allows, having a dining area will allow you to enjoy the outdoors much more. Whether for family lunches or summer garden parties with friends, having an area dedicated to meals is an asset.

Outdoor Dining Area

Backyard Furniture

Backyard Furniture

Some summer garden ideas denote wood, wicker, and metal furniture as the most common and sustainable for outdoor areas. These must be combined with the surrounding environment in order to create visual consistency. Using the same material in several elements will provide a soft environment, allowing you to exuberate in the details and decorative accessories.

Stone, considered to be quite refined, can also be used, whether on the floor, walls, in vases, among other elements.

The durability of the materials should not be disregarded, as the outdoor area is intended to withstand high summer temperatures but also the winter humidity. With regard to wooden components, the maintenance recommendations must be followed.

Decorative Accessories

Considered as our secret refuge, the outdoor space of our houses combines the possibility of contact with nature combined with the privacy inherent in being at home. And, like any other room, our summer garden should reflect our personality, provide comfort, and a sense of belonging.

With many or few decorative elements, of greater or lesser simplicity, with bright or discreet colors, what cannot be missing is good lighting, cushions, poufs, and plants. If there is a pool, sunbeds are welcome, as well as a covered area or a parasol, which is essential.

Backyard Accessories

An extension of the Interior

Regardless of the size and characteristics of the space, there are endless possibilities for preparing the backyard decor as an extension of our home. Whatever the conditions, the most important thing is to reflect our energy and personality in this outdoor space, making it as comfortable as possible.

Whether you work for the real estate or hospitality business, get inspired by the images and garden ideas that we’ve gathered here and check how we can help you with your interior projects.

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