Wallpaper: 10 Stunning Environments

Wallpaper has become popular in the past few years and is now considered a symbol of refinement and sophistication. It’s been widely used and has the advantage of creating an exclusive environment when combined with a custom design.

Through 10 stunning environments, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the usage of wallpaper in Interior Design.

Is Wallpaper still a trend?

Wallpaper shows no signs of losing popularity, and has even proven to be an increasingly used resource in the universe of Interior Design. In turn, the way it is used has evolved, not being limited to a wall in a living room or bedroom – wallpaper has extended to the rest of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

What is the current Wallpaper trend?

Trends for 2023, when it comes to wallpaper, include earthy tones ranging from terracotta to chocolate brown. The patterns range from bold prints to minimalist designs, as well as landscapes with a reference to nature, inspired by the growing trend of Biophilic Design.

Matching colors and patterns require extra care so that the project maintains the required elegance.

Patterns: Dreamy; Nature; Floral; Minimalist.

Images: Pinterest.

What is the most popular Wallpaper type?

Vinyl wallpaper is, without a doubt, the most used because it offers an effortless application and is resistant to tears that may occur during application. It can be adjusted before the paper hardens and are easy to clean and to take care of.

What patterns make the room look bigger?

The striped pattern is best suited for this purpose. Vertical stripes help elongate the room by making it appear taller than it actually is; the horizontal lines give the feeling of a wider space.

Color also plays an important role as light and bright tones are more reflective, maximizing the effect of natural light and therefore making the space feel open and airy. On the contrary, dark tones tend to absorb light, making spaces appear smaller. This choice can be advantageous when the perception of coziness is intended.

How to choose the right Wallpaper?

This is a very common question. Clarifying in a practical way, you must be aware of the typology and design of the project. If the project at hand is minimalistic, as a concept, for example, the wallpaper must match with the design.

Then you have to decide whether to apply the wallpaper to all the walls of the room or just one of them, thus creating an accent wall. Finally, you define the design style and color palette you want for the wallpaper.

The Best Modern Wallpaper Designs

Whatever the customer’s taste or the intended design for the space, there is a variety of wallpaper suitable for every situation. For this reason, we would also like to highlight three other design styles that we consider to have a great impact due to their aesthetic capacity. When we look for luxury wallpaper for authentic projects, we respond with creativity and value the sophistication of each project.

One design of a wallpaper for living room we like to suggest is one whose pattern is geometric. It allows expressiveness and elegance at the same time, making the place feel energetic.

The design of a wallpaper for the bedroom, however, requires care in choosing patterns, as it is a space dedicated to rest. For this reason, a minimalist wallpaper in Interior Design or an abstract one, are the best suited. 

Textured wallpaper is also very popular these days, and we find it suitable for spaces that require a feeling of coziness.

Here at Sabiina Design Atelier, our goal is to deliver the best results, using a variety of the highest-quality materials, including the finest wallpapers.

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