Who I am, why I launched SABiiNA DESIGN and how I can help you

We are the result of the CHOICES we make and the CHANGES we action.

Hello! I am Leila, a Cape Verdean heart and soul  and a passionate for my “dear” Lisbon, and I am the Founder and Creative Director of  SABiiNA DESIGN atelier.

Mother, citizen of the world, graduated in telecommunications engineering and with a postgraduate degree in business management, for over 10 years I worked at a multinational in the telecommunications business specialized in indoors projects. With most projects outside Portugal, I worked in several cities around the world (Luanda, Casablanca, Rome, Paris and Madrid, Barcelona), dealing with multiple cultures as I always liked.

Creativity and handcrafting have always been part of my life, so after specializing in Furniture Design and Interior Design, what began as just a passion started to take shape into something more.

Right after being a mother, I decided to change my life, to give more emphasis to my personal life, to dedicate myself to my family and make what I’ve always loved for a living.

Difficult? Very! Motherhood and entrepreneurship are words that do not usually walk together, but we love CHALLENGES here. There is always room for one more and it is the difficulties that make us more creative.

So SABiiNA DESIGN Atelier was born (will share the special meaning of this name and why I chose it in another post). From the desire to have FREEDOM of creation and a true IDENTITY that reflects all this MIXTURE that has been my trajectory.

SABiiNA DESIGN: an authentic interior design atelier for individuals, but also restaurants and boutique hotels looking for exclusive spaces

We are an authentic, exclusive and tailor made interior design company and we also design unique pieces that make you experience feelings and emotions.

In our atelier, we develop interior design projects for homes, restaurants and boutique hotels. Projects of spaces where elegance and charm combine with comfort and stand out for their essence.

Looking at each project as unique, we pride ourselves on the creativity we print in each of them, the level of detail and the approach in each design, paying attention to the specific needs of the client or the brand.

For our residential clients we know that, as executive professionals, the daily routines can be mind-boggling and, often, be at a pace where there is no time for renovations or not even knowing where to start a design process. In that case, we are here to assist and serve.

While working with commercial brands, we are fascinated to know that with the transformation of environments, we enhance a real differentiation in the brand, generating authority (and consequently more clients).

Regardless, whether we are talking about residences, restaurants or boutique hotels, we increasingly believe in the importance of having a functional environment. We particularly like to embrace each client’s aesthetic and subjective style, working closely with them to create a unique and timeless result. Bringing out creativity to recognize that there is no right or wrong design. Just your design. 

What can you expect from SABiiNA DESIGN Blog

We highly acknowledge the importance of living in a pleasant environment, alongside to the need to be well in our home and our space to be aligned with us.

Our home is our mirror. It is the sense of belonging that the human being seeks and needs to have. The feeling of “getting home”, after an exhausting day of work, and having “your little corner” to relax and have a cozy space to call HOME – your state of peace.

For this reason, and because SABiiNA DESIGN is a brand based on the search and value of authenticity and identity, we will share not only knowledge and tips on trends and styles, but also art, travel, materials, furniture, entrepreneurship, our way of work and what we like most in the design world.

You will also be able to follow our projects that will always be developed to reflect our clients – where they will build new stories, live new experiences and feel “at home”. Because we treat each project like this: with a lot of love!

I hope you enjoyed this first introductory article. Any question about my journey, experience or about SABiiNA DESIGN’s work you can leave it in the comments section or find us on social networks and send a private message. We’d love to talk to you!

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