Why I launched my business in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic

One of the questions I have been asking myself most recently is how to stay confident in launching my own business despite the crisis that lies ahead. 

Currently, the world is going through a delicate phase, as we all try to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus and save as many lives as possible. Although the health and safety of people is the main priority, we cannot ignore the impact that this pandemic has and will have on the economy, regardless of the region where you are.

As an entrepreneur and owner of an interior design and product company, whose relationship is largely based on physical interaction with the client, the weight of this impact is almost inevitable. And this is particularly true for small and medium sized companies or businesses that are just starting.

Times are tough, with many companies and commercial activities closing their doors indefinitely. So it may seem that the most sensible thing to do is to stop and wait. Well… I guess, but most of all, I feel that it is not.

What I’ve learned in the last few couple of years and especially months, since I started thinking and preparing my own business, is that difficulties and challenges to make us give up will always exist. But we must believe that we will overcome them. Always!

This article is precisely to talk to you about what moves me on and why this time is the ideal time to introduce you to SABiiNA DESIGN.

This is the right time to move forward, because it is now that you have the opportunity to:


Few things in life are as intense as the passion for what you do. Passion tends to bring challenges and changes in your path that make things much more difficult than they already seem. But the beauty of a human being’s true passion is that he can accomplish anything – even the seemingly impossible.

While this pandemic may have imposed limitations on the way business is conducted in today’s landscape, we cannot allow it to extinguish the passion that encouraged us to start our own business in the first place.


You have come so far thanks to the conviction you have in your dream and the desire to make it a resounding reality.

I believe that it will be a true testimony of strength and resilience as a person and as a leader, to persist in this difficult period and move forward with your business with confidence. And that is having the courage to turn dreams into reality.


A great way to keep your head clean in these uncertain times is to reiterate your goals for your business. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and encourage yourself to continue until your future goals become your achievements.


Small and Medium enterprises (like my interior design business for example), are the main factors that drive the engine of our economy. SMEs companies form the backbone of the economy.

And one of the main reasons behind the growth of SMEs is the increasing use of digital tools and the Internet to reach previously inaccessible markets, nationally and internationally.

With the whole world threatened with recession, play your role of solid support to the economy, exploring and reinventing alternatives to conduct your business.

These are the arguments that move me on, that make me want to continue and move forward. And yours, what are they?

Did this reflection make sense to you?

Share with me how you have lived this moment as an entrepreneur and whether you decided to slow down or move forward.

To find out more about my project, checkout my first article here on the blog, where I shared who I am, where I come from, why I created this business and what you can expect from this blog.

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